After DeBreanski "Trout Rise"  18 x 24

After DeBreanski "Trout Rise" 18 x 24

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Alfred De Breanski, Sr. was a British artist who lived from 1852 - 1928. He was a distinguished landscape painter who became famous for his resplendent views of the Welsh and Scottish Highlands.

As part of David Jansen's landscape class, this rendition of Trout Rise was an experience in creating depth of field in a landscape.  Use of color, temperature, and perspective are important aspects in creating distance in a landscape painting. There are sheep grazing on the hill on the right side, and if you look in the middle left, you will see our fisherman casing off the left bank.  This painting was a real pleasure to work on.

Painted with acrylic on 18 x 24 canvas, framed. Overall size with frame 22 x 28.