Cinque Terre Sunset - Episode 8

Major progress made during this session. We worked the lower left quadrant of the painting, adding a rock wall, boats, the movement of the water, and enhancing the yellow in the sky with Diarylide Yellow and Indian Yellow.  I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Perhaps one or two more sessions needed to complete it. Poor Uma is jumping out of her skin with this painting.  Very frustrated with the length of time it is taking, but I keep trying to convince her that in the end she will be pleased.  There are many elements from the original photo that I have not included in my painting because it just makes the scene more complex.  Things like balconies with railings, shutters on the windows and smaller details.  I painted out parts of some of the very forward buildings when I added the rocks in the left quad. 

What we are trying to reconcile is the fact that my original reference photo did not have boats and the rock wall on the left.  It was cut off at the bottom of the buildings; however, Uma wanted boats in the scene, so we combined several other reference photos of the Cinque Terre into this one painting.  Though there is still much to do, I am pleased with it overall.  Stay tuned as we bring this large painting to a close in the near future!

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