Cinque Terre Sunset - Episode 7

Major breakthrough after this painting session.  I got the top buildings in place, as well as some background trees and gardens among stone walls.  We are having some fun enhancing the colors of our buildings with beautiful, transparent glazes of Heritage Acrylic Diarylide Yellow, Indian Yellow, and Quinacridone Gold.  I love using the transparents to enhance colors and temperatures of the paint.  It only takes a small amount to make a beautiful difference.   

During this session, I painted out part of one of the front buildings.  The line work for the railing on the balcony was not up to par.  This is the beauty of painting with acrylic.  If you need to change something, you can just paint it out and do it again.

After today's session, I'm feeling better about the overall look of the painting.  Uma is getting impatient with the amount of time this is taking and is desperate to get this finished and start something new.  Hopefully we will have more time when we paint next, and may be able to get close to completion.  Still to be done: all the water which is the left quadrant of the painting; boats, rock wall on lower left, lower mid portion of the painting.  We also need to do more work on the sky, as it is not yet bright enough.  Finally, we will need to add glints of the coral sunset color reflecting onto many areas of the painting.  On second thought, I doubt that we can accomplish all of this in 1 painting session.  Sorry Uma!

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