Cinque Terre Sunset - Episode 6

Progress seems very slow on this painting.  With limited time to meet with my friend Uma, it is taking a long time to get this done.  As the buildings are filling in the hill, we are finding our reference photo to be less than optimal.  Some areas we cannot tell exactly what we are looking at, so we are trying to simplify  and just get the buildings filled in.  No matter how hard we try to get straight lines, it seems impossible to get them as straight as they should be, which leads to the buildings looking crooked.  Hopefully, once we get to putting in the gardens and trees, we will be able to camouflage some of the areas that aren't quite straight. 

Each time we meet, we wonder why on Earth we picked such a large project on a large canvas, but there is no turning back now!  We've invested far too much time to give up on this.  I keep hoping it will all "pull together" in the end. 

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