Cinque Terre Sunset - Episode 4

This session was devoted to developing more buildings.  There are so many!  With so many windows!! By the end of this painting time, I was beginning to feel like there may be hope.  With a large section of buildings now filled in, the hill is beginning to take shape.  The buildings are so colorful, a feature that makes this area so charming.  Blues were  mixed from phthalo blue + white, with other colors to dull and/or tint, such as burnt sienna, quinacridone violet.  Yellows were created from hansa yellow + white, with other colors such as diarylide yellow, indian yellow,  added for pops of color and slight bit of violet to dull the color.  Oranges were made from hansa yellow + naphthol red light, with added colors to dull, such as burnt sienna, pine green, red violet.  The windows were placed with a dark mix of phthalo blue + burnt sienna + red violet. Dark line work around the roof tops were done with the same color.

Uma and I are now questioning why we picked such a busy subject on such a large canvas, but there is no turning back now!  One step at a time, just the buildings were originally built will get us to completion.

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