Cinque Terre Sunset - Episode 3

In this painting session, I added the rocky coastline in the lower right section of the painting.  Multiple colors were mottled together to make a brown/gray/violet/burnt sienna mass.  Dark lines made the cracks and crevices, and lighter highlights were added to create form.  The rocks closer to the water are lighter and piled separately rather than being one solid mass.  Light grays, yellow oxide and varying shades of other colors were applied to create these rocks.

More work was done on the buildings, applying local colors of the roof tops, fronts, some of the decorative stripes on the buildings.  

We are really beginning to wonder if there is a more logical way to tackle this hill of buildings, as it is seeming to be a very big task.  Since it all has to be painted anyway, we'll do it a building at a time without getting hung up in too many small details this early in the painting.  I've already decided that I transferred too much detail to begin with, and need to simplify while painting.  In reality, the sun is setting, and you would not be able to make out fine details.

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