Cinque Terre Sunset - Episode 2

During this painting session, the sky was applied with a mix of phthalo blue + white.  Upper left corner had quinacridone violet added to the mix.  In general, the sky is darker at the top and fades as it drops to the horizon line.  The challenge in this scene - a sunset - is that the yellow/orange colors of the sunset had to be incorporated into the transition from the blue sky above to the very orange horizon.  A soft violet color was used to bridge the blue and yellow, after the blue had dried.  If I had tried to gradate from blue to yellow without drying the blue first, my sky would have been green (blue + yellow).

Clouds were placed with light gray in a scrubbing motion, and lightened with a warm white.  Tints of hansa yellow and coral were scumbled into the clouds.

Hansa yellow mixed with napthol red light + white made the orange of the sunset.  Streaks of lighter yellow were placed with hansa yellow + white.  The horizon was darkened by adding red violet to the orange mix.

Colors from the sky were glazed into the water as a reflection.  At this point the water has not been developed with any movement lines.

Buildings were begun with local colors of yellow and light orange.  The sky was a fun part of this painting.  We are now looking at the multitude of buildings and windows that will be painted next.  The task seems a bit daunting at this point.

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