Afghan Girl on National Geographic Cover

We are continuing work on our portrait.  Today we worked for 3 hours and got the first layer of skin tones in her face and her eyes.  We didn't have enough time to finish the eyes or do the lips, but she is coming along well.

Flesh tones were mixed in varying shades with a mixture of gold oxide, burnt sienna, burnt umber and white.  In redder areas of the flesh, such as her cheeks and side of her nose, a tad of the red/orange color from the headdress was added.  

The dark shadows next to her hair were not holding well as the paint was rather transparent.  We will have to heat set and go over it again at our next painting session.

The eyes were scarry - it is the focus of the painting, but I think we both did a great job in the first attempt.  Additional shading to the eyeballs as well as around the eyes will be added next time.


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